Autoholics Anonymous

Autoholics Anonymous, hosted by the Average Squad, is a show dedicated to all things automotive. JR Olive, Andy Carter, Kirt Barnes, and Lee Purvis have built a name on social media by championing the often-overlooked side of automotive culture; the cars that everyone else ignored, dismissed, or just plain forgot. On the hour-long program the guys will tackle current topics of the automotive industry, car buying debates and recommendations, listener-submitted questions, interviews, auto maintenance tips and tricks, and local car related events.

Join the Average Squad guys every Saturday at 8 a.m. for all things automotive.

Autoholics Anonymous: February 18, 2017

In Episode 11 we talk Caffeine and Octane, changing EPA standards, cars that surprised us, and help a listener decide between an Infiniti G35 and 350Z.

Autoholics Anonymous: February 4, 2017

In our tenth episode we discuss Carvana's online car buying service, our favorite movie cars, wacky OEM special editions, and our recommendations for a family man pick-up truck.

Autoholics Anonymous: January 21, 2017

Autoholics Anonymous: January 7, 2017

Episode 7

We discuss the death of the rotary engine, a ban of diesels around the world, a family car for under $5000, and the moment in our life that made us into car guys.

Episode 6

We talk The Grand Tour, difficult repairs, gifts for the car guy or gal in your life, and a whirlwind of listener submitted questions

Episode 5

We catch up with our West coast affiliate Cory Mader (LXII Photography), the Ford Performance Pack Ecoboost Mustang, fixing your brakes, and finding a car to replace a scandalous VW TDI.

Episode 3

In this installment we tackle the new Bronco, Andy's trip to Japan, our dream parts-bin hot rod, and the most disappointing car we've ever driven!

Episode 2

We talk about some cool cars we've driven recently, the lack of manual transmissions in supercars, self-driving Ubers, and whether or not Miata is always the answer.

Episode 1

In the pilot episode, we tell you the best car for a student, debate import vs domestic, suggest simple maintenance and repairs everyone should be able to do on their car, and talk about new options in the medium sized truck market.