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“I Gave Up All I Had,” was written by Ted Hawkins and released in 1982. It’s difficult to quantify his influence. Hawkins life, which started in Biloxi Mississppi in 1936, was a patched quilt of theft, prison, and recording sessions. He started singing in a boys reform school choir in 1949– then he heard Sam Cooke and the stars aligned. Hawkins found a place among the folk fans and blues enthusiasts of the 1960’s. He drifted from coast to coast to Europe and back– a part-time convict, sometime criminal, and all-round sage. His songs have been covered by Kasey Chambers, James McMurtry, and most recently Shinyribs.
Shinyribs is the alter ego of Gourds singer Kevin Russell. While the nickname’s origins are murky (one legend claims it did indeed stem from a plate of bbq) it also came to describe the entire Austin, TX based outfit currently in rotation on 100.9 The Creek. Shinyribs features Russell, and Austin collaborators Winfield Cheek, Keith Langford, and Jeff Brown. Alice Spencer and Sally Allen round out the harmonies as the Shiny Soul Sisters while the Tijuana Trainwreck Horns bring the heat.
Russell and the Gourds were known to take liberties with genre specific music. Their cover of “Gin & Juice” launched a thousand hip-hop-to-hillbilly conversions. Stylistically, Shinyribs also refuses to be typecast. Songs like “I Gave Up All I Had” search to retain the soul of the original source while George Jones songs juxtapose against TLC covers. Shinyribs is a full on sonic experience–not a box a chocolates, but a real deal smokehouse where what you came for ain’t always what you get– but it all tastes good.
Ted Hawkins never had much use for recorded music. Maybe it was the years he spent incarcerated, but he preferred the street corner to the studio. Many an executive marveled at the grizzled rounder who would rather sing for beach bums and spare change than festivals and guaranteed contracts. Freedom was the thing. Freedom to sing what he wanted, when he wanted. Freedom to succeed or fail at his own pace– but any day singing in the sunshine was a win for Ted Hawkins. Sing along with Shinyribs when “I Gave Up All I Had” rolls around on the Creek.

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