Creekside is the flagship morning show highlighting all things local to Central Georgia. On Creekside you’ll find all of the information you need for what is happening in the community, maybe hear a live band, and hear some pretty sweet tunes. Most days we have local leaders, but sometimes we just say inappropriate things.

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Creekside Interview with Keith Watson, Amanda Christopher, and Arthur Lin

Today in the studio, we had Keith Watson from New City Church (who Brad made some hurtful jokes about), and he brought some talented people in Amanda Christopher and Arthur Lin with him to sing some Christmas songs. Don’t worry, we didn’t let Keith do any singing. Sorry man, Amanda is just a lot better. We have a video of Amanda and Arthur’s performance on our Facebook, but you can hear the full audio right here!

Creekside: Weird Family

One of our talks this morning was about weird family members; Jamie and Hannah chose to take the fifth on this topic, however Tony and Brad had more than enough material to go around. Enjoy.

Creekside Interview with G.o. Heath

We had professional hunter G.O. Heath from Rugged Nation TV to catch us up on everything he’s been up to and everything that he is currently shooting. No word yet on whether he’s going to put in a good word with the network about our ‘whisper hunting’ show. Maybe we should have Hannah pitch it to Lifetime or HGTV for us. Follow G.O. and Rugged Nation on Facebook, and check out the new season on December 28, at 7:30 on the Sportsman Channel!

Creekside Interview with Santa Claus

Santa came by the studio! Tony grilled him about the logistics of his workshop and we learned some interesting stuff. Did you know Santa is an independent contractor? And that he actually works for the elves, not the other way around? And that he also wrote a book, called Santa Talks! that’s available on Amazon? Yeah, everything you ever needed to know about Santa was said this morning on Creekside, give it a listen.

Steve and Florence: William's Toy Store

Steve and Florence from Williams Toy Store in Historic Ingleside Village came by to talk about the great selection of fun and educational toys you can find in their shop for your little one’s this holiday season.