Barstool Troubadors

In a perfect world, a bartender is more than just the person pouring your drinks. A bartender is a jack of all trades…an amateur therapist, an intoxicant artist, part-time philosopher, and full time confidant. Join Brian Whitley and Richie Jones on Barstool Troubadours as they serve up the world of craft beers, fine wines, and the best bourbons and spirits. Shaken with a dash of great music and conversation of course! Barstool Troubadours is brought to you by Cassidy Dental Associates in Macon, Piedmont Brewery and Kitchen…Handcrafted beer and honest food, and the legendary Downtown Grill.

Join Brian and Richie every Sunday at 1pm on 100.9 The Creek and right here online at The Creek FM 100.9

Barstool Troubadors

Ep. 33: A Couple Little Trips

Ep. 32: Wine Facts & Beer Trends

Ep. 31: Mardi Gras

Ep. 30: Cold Weather-Warm Drinks

Ep. 29: Holiday Extravaganza

Ep. 28: Holiday Wine Pairings

Ep. 27: Europe Trip Adventures 2

Ep. 26: Europe Trip Adventures

Ep. 25: Road Trip Adventures

Ep. 24: CBC Trip

Ep. 23: CBC Trip

Ep. 22: CBC Trip

Ep. 21: CBC Trip

Ep. 20: CBC Trip

Ep. 19: 13th Colony Distilleries

Ep. 18: Ian McCray- Guest Co-Host

Ep. 17: Spring Vibe

Ep. 16: Jailhouse Brewing Company

Ep. 15

Ep. 14

Ep. 13

Ep. 12

October 31, 2017: Halloween

October 15, 2017: Goin To California

September 17, 2017: Bourbon Heritage Month

September 3, 2017: Sour Beers and Funky Music

August 20th, 2017: Road Trips

July 9, 2017: Beers v. Wine and Summer Cocktails

June 25, 2017: Beers and Bottle and Bond Bourbon

Episode 3: June 4, 2017

Episode 2: May 21, 2017

Episode 1: May 7, 2017