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The Creative Catalyst Show is about “people making a living doing what they love”! Hosts Heather Evans explores the stories and challenges of courageous leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners that have figured out the secrets to success and happiness.

Heather is CEO of Change Catalyst Group. As an executive coach and change specialist consultant, she works with leaders and organizations to build cultures that not only drive performance but empowers people to bring their best self” and “best work” to their job everyday! 

The stories you will hear on the Creative Catalyst are those that you won’t hear anywhere else. During each episode, Heather goes behind the scenes to showcase and celebrate leadership and entrepreneurial stories, spark community growth and empower people to make a living doing what they love i! Join us every Sunday, at 3 p.m., for The Creative Catalyst show.

Join us every Sunday, at 3 p.m., for The Creative Catalyst show.


Sept 22, 2019: Amy Shwartz Meretti

July 28, 2019: Structure-Cherry St Ink

March 3, 2019: Ocmulgee Brew Pub & Just Tap'd

February 2, 2019: Sparks Yoga

December 22, 2018: Macon-Global Pops

November 24, 2018: Veronica Miller

August 26, 2018: In The Company Of...

July8, 2018: Brandon Thompson

Jun10, 2018: Spirit Beads

April 13, 2018: Susan Welch

March 18, 2018: Shane Buerster

Feb25, 2018: Chrissy Lynn

Feb11, 2018: Twins-Shane & Shawn McClendon

Dec 17, 2017: Stewart Vernon ASP

Nov 26, 2017: Yash Patel-Macon Beer Company

Nov 5, 2017: Jamie Miller & Victoria Hawkins

Aug 27th, 2017: Rob Betzel

Aug 13th, 2017: Tina Dickson Ingleside Village Pizza

July 30th, 2017: Lori Brewer of LBA ware

July 16th, 2017: Stebin Horne of Kudu Safari Braii and Classic Overland

Join us on this episode of the Creative Catalyst as we host Stebin Horne of Kudu Safari Braii and Classic Overland. Safari Braii is an open fire grill that is being embraced by top chefs across the country and is changing the game of grilling. He is also the Co-Owner of Classic Overland that brings meticulously restored, vintage Defenders with state of the art accessories from Africa, into the United States. We explore the African adventures and inspirations that are creating new ways of living around the world.

May 14, 2017: Major General Bob McMahon (Ret.) of Fickling Management Resources Pt. 2

During the second part of this two-part series, we explore how Major General (Retired) Bob McMahon led the Robins Air Force Base, as well as his career after the military. From his work with the 21st Century Partnership to his current position as president of Fickling Management Resources, Bob has and continues to make tremendous impacts on our community.

April 29, 2017: Major General Bob McMahon (Ret.) of Fickling Management Resources Pt.1

During the first part of this two-part series, we explore the military career of Major General (Retired) Bob McMahon and leadership philosophies. Learn about how he rose through the ranks of the air force, and hear his powerful story of being in the Pentagon during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

April 15, 2017: Linda Brennan and Bob Easter of Qwest Group LLC

During this episode, we interview the entrepreneurs behind Qwest Group LLC, Linda Brennan and Bob Easter, which helps others find the business they want. Learn how these two community leaders connected through technology and are transforming our community for the better today.

April 1, 2017: James and Jodi Palmer of Macon Magazine

Join us as we host James and Jodi Palmer, co-owners of Macon Magazine, to hear how and why they share stories that celebrate the good life in Central Georgia. Learn how these two amazing journalists connected through their respect of writing, love of our community and passion for people, and are positively impacting our community.

March 18, 2017: Whitney Boyer and Jeremy Smith of Reboot Retrocade & Bar

Join us as we host Whitney Boyer and Jeremy Smith, the co-owners of the newly opened Reboot Retrocade & Bar, which is located in Downtown Macon. Their story inspires others to bring their dreams to reality by showing how they tapped into local business development resources.

February 11, 2017: David Danzie of Fall Line Contractors

This episode features David Danzie, Jr., who is the CEO and president of Fall Line Contractors, as well as the director of construction planning for the Macon-Bibb Co. Housing Authority. Hear about the three entrepreneurial ventures he has launched, plus how David has had a positive impact on our community and put Macon on the map for innovative solutions to housing.

January 21, 2017: Cesare Mammarella of Hot Plates Restaurant Group

On this week's show, we feature serial entrepreneur Cesare Mammarella, owner of Hot Plates Restaurant Group. Hear Cesare's story, which takes us around the world and back to Macon, and learn how he launched 14 businesses, including the Tic Toc Room, Bearfoot Tavern, Brasserie Circa and Emerson Ballroom!

Episode 7: Stephanie Howard of the Mercer Innovation Center

This week's guest is Stephanie Howard, Mercer Innovation Center Deputy Director. Stephanie's story is fascinating, as she shares her cultural experiences of growing up in Saudi Arabia and connecting back to her father's hometown of Macon. She has an amazing ability to challenge herself, so that she is staying out of her comfort zone and continually opening the door for new growth and expansion. Join us and be inspired to step out of your comfort zone and change the world.

Episode 6: Pilar Wilder Lowden of Hayiya Studio

This week's interview is with Pilar Wilder Lowden, the owner of Hayiya Studio, and explores many areas where she brings her passion to kids and the community. Her studio offers a wide variety of dance, for kids and adults, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop modern dance, praise dance, zumba, and more. She is also the Fine Arts Department Chair and technology coordinator at Westside High School. Pilar is a great example of someone who is living her passion, sharing her talents and engaging the community through purposeful work.

Episode 5: Tanner Coleman and Alexis Gregg of AnT Sculpture

We are pleased to share the story of the amazing husband and wife team of Alexis Gregg and Tanner Coleman, of AnT Sculpture. They have made beautiful brick sculptures around the world and installed them in community spaces, so that residents can sit on, climb over and interact their pieces. Their tagline is: “Changing the way people think and interact with artwork one brick sculpture at a time!” (

Episode 4: Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer of Hold Your Haunches

Erin and Jenny turned a complaint about unsupportive pants into a shapewear business run by the two best friends. They are locally grown but internationally known. Hear the story of these two amazing women and their journey from concept to Shark Tank and beyond.

Episode 3: Canaan Marshall of Canaan Marshall Designs, Inc.

Canaan's story is about fearlessness and living in the "space of brilliance." He shares how he found his talent and how he connects with people in a special way to create floral and interior designs that capture the soul and essence of his clients.

Episode 2: J.R. Olive of Zuzu's Pedals

J.R.'s path was set for him to become a lawyer but he chose a different route. In this episode, he tells the story of turning his passion for music and his talent as a creator into a new entrepreneurial venture that makes custom guitar pedals.

Episode 1: Stebin Horne of KUDU Safari Braai

Stebin followed a girl to South Africa to have his world changed forever. In this interview, he shares the inspiration behind his new company, which makes open flame grills designed to make more than just great food.