Down Every Road

While traveling in a rural area, have you ever had the sense that, if you turned on the radio, you’ll find a local station that played real classic country music? Shawna has and her show, Down Every Road, will provide a classic country experience. Exploring some well-worn highways and forgotten, or less traveled, backroads of country music, we’ll exit off the main road and enjoy the ride with a soundtrack that includes cultural and historical context on the artists and music. Music featured on Down Every Road will span the first recorded country music (1927) through the early 1980s, with emphasis on the 1960s and 70s.

Join Shawna Dooley every Monday at 7 p.m. for the great tales of classic country music.


October 7, 2019: 1975

To celebrate her 75th episode, Shawna focuses on the year 1975, which also happens to be the year of her birth.

September 23, 2019: Ken Burns Country Music Documentary

In Episode 74, Shawna plays songs included on the companion box set of renowned filmmaker Ken Burns’ new documentary, Country Music. She features songs, or version of songs, that appear in the film or on the box set that she has not yet played on Down Every Road, focusing tonight on 1928 through 1970.

September 9, 2019: Hank Williams Tribute #4

September means a Hank Williams birthday tribute! Two years ago during his birth month, Shawna brought you a two-part series called Hank Williams: Hillbilly Shakespeare and grouped his songs as comedies and tragedies (Episodes 29 and 30). Last year, she played a combination of funny and sad songs, including interesting and unlikely covers, and ended with songs that name dropped Hank Williams (Episode 51). In Episode 73, she includes more originals and covers that showcase the songwriting genius and lasting impact of Hank Williams.

August 26, 2019: By the Number

Episode #72 counts the ways Shawna loves country music by focusing on songs with numbers in their titles. Like Count von Count on Sesame Street, she’ll count from one to 40 tonight's show.

August 12, 2019: Anniversary Favorites Year Three

Down Every Road turned three on July 18. Since Shawna was focused on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and commemorating 1969, her anniversary favorites episode is a few weeks late. That doesn’t dampen the celebration or the quality of music. Stay tuned for some of Shawna's favorites, organized around the themes of family, home, the blues and horses.

July 29, 2019: 1969

In Episode #70, Shawna covers important historical events and includes country hits from the year 1969. Though these songs are 50 years old, they still sound great!

July 15, 2019: To the Moon

July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s historic moon landing. In tonight’s episode, Shawna includes songs about the moon and then shifts to country songs that were played on the way to the moon during the Apollo 12 and Apollo 16 missions. Buckle up and prepare for lift off!

July 1, 2019: South of the Border

Summertime means a tropical vacation or travel for many folks. In Episode 68, Shawna has selected songs to transport us south of the border to Mexico, where we’ll relax by the seashore, on the river, at a rancho grande, or simply escape from day-to-day reality by drinking tequila.

June 17, 2019: On The Radio

Episode 67 contains songs that mention listening to the radio.

June 3, 2019: Boys of Summer

Tonight’s show contains songs by performers who were connected with baseball. From playing semi-pro or minor league ball to co-owning a team to playing a few innings to blow off steam before a show, Episode 66 tips a hat to America’s favorite pastime and the boys of summer.

May 20, 2019: Me and Jesus

Episode 65 is full of country singers performing gospel songs or hymns. Get ready to go to church with an amazing choir!

May 6, 2019: Song and Dance

Episode 64 is not just the same old song and dance! Tonight’s show is full of titles that contain the words, “song,” or “dance,” or describe a specific type of dance.

April 22, 2019: Songwriters Hall of Fame, Part 3

In her third installment of Songwriters Hall of Fame, Shawna showcases Don Gibson, Dallas Frazier, Bill Anderson, Bob McDill and Dean Dillon.

April 8, 2019: Louisiana Hayride

From its premiere on April 3, 1948 to its final broadcast on August 27, 1960, the Louisiana Hayride launched the careers of several country music giants and also debuted a young, genre-crossing singer named Elvis Presley. Because most of the talented country artists who got their first breaks on the Hayride—Hank Williams, Kitty Wells, Webb Pierce, Faron Young, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton—would eventually move on to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the Louisiana Hayride was sometimes referred to as the “Opry’s farm team” or the “Cradle of the Stars.” Music as we know it today would be very different if not for the Louisiana Hayride.

March 11, 2019: Chips Moman

Chips Moman was a guitarist, songwriter, producer and recording engineer from LaGrange, Georgia. In addition to his session guitar work with artists such as Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett, he co-wrote monster hits in the soul, R&B, pop and country genres and produced landmark albums for many artists from the 1960s through the 1980s.

February 11, 2019: Husbands and Wives

As a spin-off of her A Family Affair episode (#58) and just in time for Valentine’s Day, Shawna created a new show full of singing couples from the late 1940s to the early 1980s.

January 28, 2019: Country Music Illness

Some folks go to the doctor for an annual checkup or for a specific complaint. Episode #59 is full of songs that describe aliments you might discuss with your doctor, from feeling tired, breathless or all shook up to having honky tonkitis or honky tonk amnesia to feeling like your brain is cloudy or that you’re not quite in your right mind. Shawna’s no doctor, but she does have an advanced degree in country music and can prescribe good music as a solution to any problem.

January 14, 2019: A Family Affair

In her first new show of 2019, Shawna showcases artists who kept music in the family. From cousins to brothers to mothers and daughters to fathers and daughters to fathers and sons to married couples, Episode 58 is full of singers who made music a family affair.

December 17, Classic Country Christmas Year 3

In her third Classic Country Christmas episode, Shawna serves up a cup of holiday cheer with songs about Santa and reindeer and also includes secular and traditional favorites.

December 3, 2018: 1978

The songs in Episode 56 were hits in the year 1978. Join Shawna as she reminisces about the music and shares highlights from what was happening 40 years ago.

November 19, 2018: Lay You Down

The songs in Episode 55 are about sex. Shawna talks about loving many of these songs as a child, even though she had no idea what they were really about, and describes a t-shirt she desperately wanted at a 1983 Conway Twitty concert.

November 5, 2018: Rainy Day Music

The untimely death of Tony Joe White in October got Shawna thinking about songs that mention rain. In Episode 54, she's complied songs that cover rain in certain parts of the country, at certain times of day, as a way to bring on introspection or sadness, or to describe unreliability in a lover.

October 10, 2018: The Bakersfield Sound

In Bakersfield, California, a new sound of country music began to gel in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Directly fueled by migrants who fled Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression and by the invention and volume of electric instruments, the Bakersfield sound was a scaled-down, amped-up blend of western swing, hillbilly and honky tonk. Tonight Shawna discusses the musicians who created a new sound using twangy Fender Telecaster guitars, crying pedal steel and straight-ahead country vocals. Episode 53 contains legends like Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, but also showcases the influence of the Maddox Brothers and Rose, Bill Woods, Fuzzy Owen, Lewis Talley, Ferlin Husky, Tommy Collins and Wynn Stewart.

September 24, 2018: I'm With the Band

Shawna has complied a show full of songs about musical instruments. From guitar to fiddle to mandolin to steel guitar to drums to tambourine, Episode 52 highlights how an instrument supports the singer and discusses how the addition of new instruments created new styles and sounds in country music.

September 10, 2018: I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight

In honor of his birth month, Shawna presents her third Hank Williams tribute. Born on September 17, 1923 in Mount Olive, Alabama, Hank Williams was active in the country music industry for six brief years until his untimely death at age 29. He created approximately 125 compositions that have become classics of popular music, including 35 singles and 11 #1 hits, and is considered one of the greatest and most influential singer/songwriters of the 20th century. He was often called the Hillbilly Shakespeare. Last year during his birth month, Shawna delivered a two-part series called Hank Williams: Hillbilly Shakespeare that grouped his songs as comedies and tragedies. Episode 51 contains funny and sad songs, including interesting and unlikely covers, the man himself, and ends with songs that name drop Hank Williams.

August 27, 2018: 1968

In her 50th show, Shawna plays songs that were hits 50 years ago in 1968. She includes historical context and commentary about what was happening around the country and in lives of the artists featured in Episode 50.

August 13, 2018: Outlaws & Armadillos

Inspired by an exhibit she saw at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Shawna assembles songs by singers who were part of the Texas music scene in the early 1970s, which helped create the Outlaw movement. From cowboys—Old Five and Dimers Like Me, Honky Tonk Heroes and Desperados Waiting for the Train—to hippies—Cosmic Cowboy, Pt. 1 and Groover's Paradise—to poets—Why You Been Gone So Long, The Pilgrim, Chapter 33, Easy From Now On and Rex's Blues—to Flatlanders—I Had My Hopes Up High and Amarillo Highway—Episode 49 will make you want to go home with the armadillo.

July 30, 2018: Louisiana

Episode 48 explores Louisiana by highlighting songs about the state, its cities and areas, and playing artists from there. Shawna features a handful of Cajun or Cajun-influenced songs and ends the episode in New Orleans.

July 16, 2018: Anniversary Favorites, Year Two

Shawna celebrates the second anniversary of Down Every Road by featuring some of her favorite songs. Episode 47 is organized around memorable and popular themes in country music—love, sex and heartache.

July 2, 2018: Big River

Last week's episode was a journey on roads, streets, highways and alleys. In Episode 46, Shawna takes to the water, with a show full of songs about the Mississippi River.

June 18, 2018: On the Road Again

In the spirit of summer travel, Shawna plays songs that reference roads, highways, streets and alleys in Episode 45. She also discuss Tin Pan Alley's role in early country music.

May 21, 2018: Songwriters Hall of Fame, Part 2

In a second installment of Songwriters Hall of Fame, Shawna showcases "Cowboy" Jack Clement, Harlan Howard, Carl Belew, Cindy Walker, Hank Cochran and Dallas Frazier.

May 7, 2018: Willie Birthday Tribute, Part 2

In Episode 43, Shawna continues celebrating the 85th birthday of living legend Willie Nelson! This show also contains some of his influences and contemporaries, from Bob Wills to Ray Charles to Dolly Parton to Waylon Jennings to the Highwaymen.

April 23, 2018: Willie at 85

In celebration of Willie Nelson's 85th birthday on April 29, Shawna has compiled an episode containing some of his influences, his contemporaries, those who had success singing his songs and some of her favorite Willie Nelson songs.

April 9, 2018: Party Time

In Episode 41, Shawna covers drinking as a way to party. The songs in tonight's lineup feature beverages used to both drown one's troubles and have fun with friends—from mixing up sangria wine to opening a beer, to drinking champagne, whiskey or tequila. Please call a designated driver or line up an Uber if the show makes you want to pop a top!

March 26, 2018: Occupations

From a cowboy to a singer to a truck driver to a shoeshine boy to a bartender, Shawna brings a second installment of songs that describe occupations. Episode 40 airs nearly one year to the day since her Workin' Man/Woman Blues show (#17 03/27/17).

March 12, 2018: Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young: Country Tragedies

Shawna has been thinking about the 55th anniversary of Patsy Cline's untimely death in a March 1963 plane crash that also killed Opry stars Hawkshaw Hawkins and Cowboy Copas. Episode 39 features artists who died young or tragically, with the show's title inspired by the first song in tonight's lineup, Faron Young's "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young." The songs are generally arranged by the singer's age at his/her death, from oldest to youngest.

February 26, 2018: Duets #2

Shawna presents a second duets episode, with several of the duet partners being spouses. Both Episode 38 and her first duets episode (#6) explore the timeless themes of love, cheating, heartache, breakups, old flames and old friends.

January 29, 2018: Home Sweet Home

Shawna plays songs that describe elements of a house—from walls, windows and hinges to a key, door, bed and chair. Episode 37 also includes songs that reflect on what makes it a happy (or lonely) home.

January 15, 2018: Hall Of Fame Song Writers

Episode 36 showcases several songwriters who left an incredible mark on country music. Tonight Shawna features Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, Curly Putman, Bobby Braddock and Sonny Throckmorton.

January 1, 2018: Anatomy Lesson

Shawna starts the New Year with an anatomy lesson. Arranged from head to toe, Episode 35 features songs about body parts.

December 18, 2017: Country Christmas #2

Episode 34 is Shawna's second classic country Christmas program, with themes progressing from childhood songs that reference Santa, Mommy and Daddy to blue or sad Christmas songs to traditional carols. Fill your cup with some Christmas cheer!

December 4, 2017: Name Dropping

In Episode 33, Shawna plays songs that name names—women's names to be specific. From Amy, Eleanor and Emily to Jennifer, Jody and Lisa, this show is a continuation of sorts of a show (A Woman's World #12) from earlier this year.

November 20, 2017: Country - City

Shawna offers songs that describe what it means to be country and how that differs from city living in Episode 32. Tune in for lessons on rural vs. urban from Loretta Lynn, Tom T. Hall, Don Williams, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Ray Price, Merle Haggard and others.

November 6, 2017: Radio Road Trip #2

In Episode 31, we'll meander (in song) from Baltimore to West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and then make homecoming in Georgia. Buckle up for a second radio roadtrip with Shawna!

September 25th, 2017: Hank Williams, Hillbilly Shakespeare Part 2: The Tragedies

In part two of her Hank Williams, Hillbilly Shakespeare series. Shawna continues to honor the father of country music during his birth month by playing some of his sad songs. Episode 30 features the man himself and some interesting and unlikely covers of some of his most beloved songs. Shawna also shares details of Hank's last ride from Montgomery, Alabama, to Oak Hill, West Virginia, where he died at the advanced age of 29 en route to a New Year's show. In a 1952 powder blue Cadillac, he paid the price on the lost highway.

September 11th, 2017: Hank Williams, Hillbilly Shakespeare Part 1: The Comedies

Hank Williams was born on September 17, 1923 in Mount Olive, Alabama. Though he couldn't read or write music, in a span of six brief years recording country music, he created approximately 125 compositions that have become classics of popular music, including 35 singles and 11 #1 hits. He was often called the Hillbilly Shakespeare. In a two-part series during the month of September, Shawna will break Hank's songs into two categories: comedies and tragedies. Episode 29 will feature funny or clever songs by the man himself, along with Hank covers by other artists.

August 28th, 2017: Angel/Devil

In John Milton's "Paradise Lost", Satan, formerly known as Lucifer, was one of the most beautiful angels in Heaven. He and his fallen angels were cast into Hell after leading a rebellion to take control of Heaven from God. In Episode 27, Shawna explores two sides of a coin. From an "Angel on Paper" (Dottie West) to a "Borrowed Angel" (Mel Street) to a "Devil Woman" (Marty Robbins) to the "Devil in a Sleepin' Bag" (Willie Nelson), this episode showcases ways angels and devils are portrayed in country songs.

August 14th, 2017: Crime & Punishment

From a simple speeding charge, to a crime of passion fueled by jealousy or infidelity, to cold-blooded murder, every offense has its punishment. In Episode 27, Shawna includes songs that detail crime and reflect on jail time and capital punishment.

July 31, 2017: Games

In the lazy, out-of-school days of summer, being able to entertain yourself is a must. In Episode 26, Shawna rewinds to simpler days—before cable television and electronic devices—when games such playing house, cards and dice, were fun ways to pass time.

July 17th, 2017: Anniversary Favorites

Shawna celebrates the first anniversary of Down Every Road by featuring some of her favorite songs. Episode 25 is also organized around some of her favorite themes in country music—honky tonks, drinking, cheating and love.

July 3, 2017: Texas Troubadours

The classic country music bench is deep with talent in the Lone Star State! In Episode 24, Shawna plays songs by some of her favorite singers and songwriters who were born in Texas.

June 19, 2017: June Birthdays

All songs featured in Episode 23 were sung, written or played on by an artist who was born in the month of June.

June 5, 2017: My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You

In Episode 22, Shawna once again borrows inspiration from a Ray Price song title and assembles a playlist about shoes and walking. From Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes" to Jerry Lee Lewis' "He Can't Fill My Shoes" to Stonewall Jackson's "Why I'm Walking" to Bill Monroe's "Walk Softly on this Heart of Mine," Episode 22 includes songs where shoes sometimes describe relationships and walking the line is one way to stay in that relationship.

May 22, 2017: Mama and Daddy

Intending to fit in the space between Mother's Day and Father's Day, Shawna plays songs that mention Mama and Daddy in Episode 21. From Kitty Wells' "Mommy for a Day" to Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" to Conway Twitty's "The Games that Daddies Play" to Loretta Lynn's "They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore" Episode 21 explores the importance of parents in our lives.

May 8, 2017: Time

In Episode 20, Shawna explores another precious resource we never seem to have enough of—time. With songs from Waylon Jennings' "This Time" to Connie Smith's "Once a Day" to Kris Kristofferson's "Come Sundown" to Mickey Gilley's "Don't the Girl All Get Prettier at Closing Time," this week's selection of songs focus on the present and future.

April 24, 2017: Nature

Episode #19 Nature After last week's commemoration of Earth Day, Shawna highlights some of the finite resources on which our planet depends. From water and wind to the sky and ground to animals, Episode 19 encourages you to be good to your Mother Earth!

April 10, 2017: Merle Haggard Tribute

April 6, 2017 would have been Merle Haggard's 80th birthday. It is also the first anniversary of his death. In Episode #18, Shawna remembers Merle by playing some of his major influences—specifically Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills and Lefty Frizzell—his influential contemporaries, those who were influenced by Merle and his genius and some of her favorite of his songs.

March 27, 2017: Workin' Man/Woman's Blues

Exploring some of the hard-working occupations of folks from a previous generation, Shawna plays songs that cover jobs ranging from working with animals to shining shoes to sawmills to carpenters to firemen. She wraps up Episode #17 with some thoughts on working in general, including a memorable example of how to quit a job.

March 13, 2017: Heart Over Mind

When it comes to love—and matters of the heart—sometimes the mind gets overruled. In Episode 16, which was inspired by the Ray Price classic, "Heart Over Mind," Shawna plays songs that explore the contrast and (sometimes) conflict in emotion and logic.

February 27, 2017: Fire & Ice

From a blazing fire to embers to ashes to an old flame to the cold shoulder or icy treatment, Shawna explores the extremes of love. In Episode 15, a cold heart or old love can seem as frigid as springtime in Alaska.

February 13, 2017: Roses, Hugs, Kisses, and Love

Shawna prepares for Valentine’s Day by drawing a big red heart around songs that mention roses, hugs, kisses and love. From “Eleven Roses” (Hank Williams, Jr.) to “Candy Kisses” (George Morgan), Shawna compiles an affectionate playlist in Episode 14.

January 30, 2017: Transportation

Inspired by the title of a movie from the late 1980s, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Shawna plays songs about trains, automobiles, trucks and planes. Whether your favorite mode of transportation is a mythical train—"Wabash Cannonball" (Roy Acuff)—or a jet airplane—"Silver Wings" (Merle Haggard)—Episode 13 moves you on down the road.

Down Every Road Episode 12: A Woman's World

In Episode 12, Shawna plays songs that explain things from a woman's point of view or offer relationship advice, including "Just Because I'm a Woman" (Dolly Parton), "I'm Only A Woman" (Dottie West), "Do Right Woman" (The Flying Burrito Brothers), "Woman to Woman" (Tammy Wynette) and "You Ain't Woman Enough" (Loretta Lynn). She plays two songs that conceal a woman's identity—"Noboby" (Sylvia) and "Her Name Is" (George Jones)—and closes with several songs that mention women's names in the titles, including "Carolyn" (Merle Haggard), "Linda On My Mind" (Conway Twitty), "(Margie's at) The Lincoln Park Inn" (Bobby Bare) and "Black Rose" (Waylon Jennings).

Down Every Road Episode 11: Classic Country Christmas

Getting in the holiday spirit, Shawna reminisces about her childhood Christmas memories and plays hymns, carols and songs to celebrate the season in Episode 11. She acknowledges that Christmas is not a happy time for all while playing "Blue Christmas" (Elvis Presley) and "If We Make It Through December" (Merle Haggard), but closes the show with a Southern favorite, "Christmas In Dixie" (Alabama).

Down Every Road: Episode 10 "Story Songs"

Shawna spins yarns and plays some of her favorite story songs. From songs that were truly autobiographical—"Coat of Many Colors" (Dolly Parton)—to those inspired by actual events—"Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)" (Merle Haggard), "Mr. Bojangles" (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) and "(Old Dogs, Children and) Watermelon Wine" (Tom T. Hall) to those that introduce memorable fictional characters—"Good Ole Boys Like Me" (Don Williams), "Harper Valley PTA" (Jeannie C. Riley), "El Paso" (Marty Robbins), "Seven Spanish Angels" (Willie Nelson and Ray Charles), "Long Black Veil" (Lefty Frizzell) and "Delta Dawn" (Tanya Tucker)—Episode 10 fills your cup with good stories.

Down Every Road: Episode 9 "America"

On the eve of the 2016 presidential election, Shawna expresses the mood she's been in and her thoughts about the candidates via country music, with titles such as "Stand By Your Man" (Tammy Wynette), "Am I Losing You" (Jim Reeves), "Rave On" (Buddy Holly), "Once More With Feeling" (Jerry Lee Lewis), "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right" (Dolly Parton) and "I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love" (Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers). Shawna also plays futuristic songs such as "One Hundred Years from Now" (The Byrds) and "Rainbow Stew" (Merle Haggard) and ends Episode 9 with her favorite patriotic songs, including "America" (Waylon Jennings), "Living in the Promiseland" (Willie Nelson) and "This Land Is Your Land" (Woody Guthrie).

Down Every Road: Episode 8 "Night Life"

Shawna presents an overindulgent hour of night life. From drinking in the honky tonk, to playing the jukebox, to the next morning's inevitable hangover, Episode 8 pours up a favorite and well documented theme in country music—drinking away one's problems.

Down Every Road: Episode 7 "Radio Roadtrip"

In Episode 7, Shawna takes her listeners on a radio roadtrip from Macon, Georgia, all the way to Southern California. Traveling on highways, byways and backroads, the songs meander through Muscle Shoals, Tupelo, Galveston, San Antonio, Amarillo, Lubbock, El Paso and Hollywood on the journey west.

Down Every Road: Episode 6 "Duets"

Episode 6 doubles the country star power by exploring themes of love, marriage, cheating, heartache, Hank (Williams) and drinking through country duets. Shawna features well known duet partners from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, including Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson, and highlights some from the 1950s, such as Kitty Wells and Red Foley and Tennessee Ernie Ford and Kay Starr.

Down Every Road: Episode 5 "Favorites Pt. 5"

Shawna explores fools, blues and cheating, while also showcasing the contributions of singer-songwriters from Texas, including Guy Clark and Cindy Walker, and beyond. Episode 5 features commentary on Playboy, as Shel Silverstein, a former illustrator at Playboy, illustrator and author of children's books and songwriter, composed three songs featured. Mickey Gilley's "Power of Positive Driving" was released by Playboy Records.

Down Every Road: Episode 4 "Favorites Pt. 4"

Episode 4 corrals some of Shawna's favorite cowboy ballads, features sibling harmonies of country duos, contains songs about car accidents, such as "The Carroll County Accident" (Porter Wagoner) and "Wreck on the Highway" (Roy Acuff), and features songs about cheating.

Down Every Road: Episode 3 "Favorites Pt. 3"

Shawna lays more groundwork on the founders and pillars of country music, from Ernest Tubb to Ray Price to Carl Smith to Wynn Stewart, explores some of her favorite singer-songwriters from the 1970s, including Townes Van Zandt, Willis Alan Ramsey, Gram Parsons, Jerry Jeff Walker and Billy Joe Shaver, and introduces the common theme of overindulgence in country music in Episode 3.

Down Every Road: Episode 2 "Favorites Pt. 2"

Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family, country music's first recorded stars of the late 1920s, through legends and hitmakers of the early 1980s appear in Episode 2. Shawna sets up more of her favorite singers, songwriters and songs, with historical context and personal stories.

Down Every Road: Episode 1 "Favorites Pt. 1"

From Conway Twitty's "Hello Darlin'" to Charlie Rich's "Rollin' with the Flow," Shawna sets the stage for the types of singers, songs and styles of country music she'll feature on Down Every Road. Spanning 1952 to 1978, Episode 1 visits "The Bargain Store" (Dolly Parton), takes a peek at "Watermelon Time in Georgia" (Lefty Frizzell), a "Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town" (Charley Pride) and the "Town Where You Live" (Mel Street), gets back to "Tulsa Time" (Don Williams), considers the honky tonk, Hank Williams and "Hungry Eyes" (Merle Haggard). From "She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles)" (Gary Stewart) to "We're Gonna Hold On" (George Jones and Tammy Wynette), Shawna introduces both her taste and some of the plentiful paradoxes in country music.