Honky Tonk Hell

Honky Tonk Hell is home to the pioneers and architects of Americana. Here, you’ll find atomic hillbillies, buckets of blues, and the restless rebels of early rock n’ roll. Explore lost highways and hop the mystery train as it rolls out of the Golden Age of old time radio and into a revival for the Modern Era. Trace the roots of Americana to Honky Tonk Hell.

Aaron Irons was born in the green mountains of West Virginia; but calls Macon, Georgia his home. He was a founding member of the influential rock n’ roll band, The Liabilities. He enjoys the Westerns of John Wayne, the “Dead” films of Romero, and the history of professional wrestling in the United States and Japan.

Join Aaron Irons and take a ride through Honky Honk Hell every Tuesday at 7 p.m.

March 28, 2017: Chuck Berry Lives

Time to honor one of the masters of Rock & Roll! It's all about the legendary Chuck Berry in this episode.

March 14, 2017: Goin' to the Movies

February 14, 2017: Sweet 16

On Aaron's 16th episode he uses the number throughout the show with all songs revolving around...you guessed it. 16!

January 31, 2017: Old Favorites, New Favorites, and a Little Bit of Everything in Between

Honky Tonk Hell: January 24, 2017

Honky Tonk Hell: Cowboys, Indians, and Wild Cats

Honky Tonk Hell: Holiday Hell

Honky Tonk Hell: Epsiode 11

Honky Tonk Hell: Epsiode 10

Hot Rods, Malt Shops, Cowboys, and Big Mama!

Garage Rock, Girl Groups, and Hokum!

Hillbillies, Harp players, & crossover artists from the days of Atomic Radio!

It's all about Carter Wray!

Signature songs, Rock n' Roll Queens, Pulp Heroes & more!

Cast-Iron, the vanguards of Hot Rod Rock, and Blues Icons!

Elvis! Elvis! Elvis! A tribute to the King o' Rock n' Roll on the 39th anniversary of his passing.

Rockabilly rebels, teen angst, Gospel Icons, & obscure cuts.

Explore significant and entertaining "firsts" from Americana's past!