Local Load-In

Host: Justin Cutway

Airs: Wednesdays, 7 PM EST

In each episode of Local Load-In, host Justin Cutway dives deep into Central Georgia’s independent music scene. Though Macon’s significant musical inheritance always looms large, Local Load-In shines its spotlight on the music community today with occasional forays into the recent past. 

A singer/songwriter himself, Justin—originally from western Pennsylvania—has spent the last decade-plus in Macon writing, releasing, and performing original music solo or with several different acts, including his current project, The Open Seas. A dedicated follower of the DIY ethos, Justin juggles the Local Load-In format with recorded music, live studio performances, interviews and the occasional themed episodes. From the hip-hop of Collective Sp8ce to the experimental nature of Choir of Babble or the jam roots of Headstrings, Local Load-In supports homegrown talent and ideas.

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