Required Listening: October Rust

Yes, it has all the stuff that as a musician you are supposed to hate– kitschy, anthemic, overproduced, and corny jokes… But what do you expect from the ’90s?

If your music is Doom/Goth Metal, it has to be kitschy, anthemic, and overproduced— I do not think it could work any other way. Now, mind you, I have always loved Type O Negative. The deep baritone vocals, heavy bass, and lots of distortion coupled with an eerie “organ of sorrow” create a haunting realm of escape. But October Rust was (and still is) different. All their funny S&M stuff is still there in songs like “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend”, “Be My Druidess”, and “Wolf Moon”– with the latter definitely causing my curiosity to go where it shouldn’t. But in the heart of October Rust are “Green Man”, “Red Water”, “Die With Me”, and “Burnt Flowers Falling”… And when Steele constantly repeats, “Yeah, I think she’s fallen out of love,” I am reminded of the constant circle we trap ourselves in when trying not to let go of the people and places we’ve lost. This album is absolute emotion. That’s why you should own it.

And try not don’t download it!

Find a physical copy of October Rust and read the lyrics and liner notes. Smell it, enjoy the artwork, feel it– like we did back in 1996. Go to your room, shut the door, turn out the lights, put it on, and LISTEN. Don’t get distracted. You can just listen to 73 minutes of music…

We used to do it all the time.

-Nathan Garrett, The Widow Pills