Honky Tonk Hell #115 Now Available On Demand

Honky Tonk Hell is a rockabilly, rock n’ roll, rhythm & blues review of the music and artists that shook the 20th Century and beyond! Hosted by Thee Aaron Irons!

Presented by Ingleside Village Pizza! Honky Tonk Hell Airs Sundays at 1pm EST on 100.9 The Creek or streaming at thecreekfm.com!

Honky Tonk Hell on The Creek

HTH #115 Playlist

1. Curtis Johnson with The Windjammers, “Baby, Baby” 1957

2. Art Adams & The Rhythm Knights, “She Don’t Live Here No More” 1960

3. Teddy Redell, “Gold Dust” 1959

4. The Miller Sisters, “You Didn’t Think I Would” 1955

5. Tony & Jackie Lamie with The Swing Kings, “Sunset Blues” 1958

6. Waylon Jennings, “White Lightning” 1964

7. Helen Hall, “Have It Your Way Baby” 1957?

8. Marvin Rainwater, “Mr. Blues” 1956

9. Wanda Jackson, “Cool Love” 1960

10. Ray King & The Kingsmen, “A Date At Eight” 1958

11. Harry Carter, The Rock N Roll Apache & The Rhythmaires, “You Made Me Love You” 1958

12. Cliff Richard & The Drifters (Shadows), “Apron Strings” 1959

13. Ruckus Tyler, “Rock Town Rock” 1956

14. Jack Scott & The Chantones, “I Never Felt Like This” 1958

15. Grady Lewis & The Starlighters, “Rompin’ Stompin'” 1960

16. Ronnie Brent, “Shirley Ann” 1959

17. Elvis Presley, “I Feel So Bad” 1961

18. Wayne Perdle, “Train of Memories” 1959

19. Roy Hogsed & His Rainbow Riders Trio, “Snake Dance Boogie” 1951

20. Paul Peek, “Sweet Skinny Jenny” 1958

21. Curt Jensen with The Don Henze Rhythmaires, “Just For You” 1958

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