Handful O’ Nickels: Early James (6.20.2023)

On Handful O’ Nickels, Thee Aaron Irons invites artists and personalities to take over the playlist on 100.9 The Creek while sharing stories behind the music they love!

Early James is the consummate anti-hero– black-hatted, gold-hearted, and confronting a rogue’s gallery of intimacy and infernal comedy amid the lowdowns of the 21st Century’s most remarkable years (so far).

Waits-ian and dystopian with an unflappable Southern charm, Early’s latest album Strange Time To Be Alive reunites him with producer Dan Auerbach and follows the native Alabamian’s inauspiciously timed previous effort Singing For My Supper, which was released on Friday, March 13th, 2020, mere days before the countrywide shutdown.

It’s strong stuff, the hard liquor at the bottom of a coffee cup that’s warming, wonderfully disorienting, clearing the throat to make way for sweetly growled tales of odd romance, murder, and macabre mirth.

Meet Early James at Fresh Produce Records, 4pm Saturday, June 24th. And see Early perform LIVE at Grant’s Lounge later that evening.