Handful O’ Nickels: Tami Neilson (6.27.2023)

Tami Neilson is a brick house belter of country soul with a rockabilly wild streak and international bonafides. Born in Ontario, Canada, and raised on the road in a family band, Tami followed love to the other side of the planet, settling in New Zealand where she developed a potent, hybrid style of vintage flare and modern fury that’s captivated admirers worldwide. She’s an artist, a champion, a fighter, a mother, and on her latest album, a game changer, a cage shaker, and a Kingmaker. On Friday, July 21st, Tami Neilson is set to command the stage at the Capitol Theatre in Macon, but first, the Big Boss Mama called in to take over the playlist on 100.9 The Creek– and take us all to cool school!