Honky Tonk Hell #131 Now Available On Demand

Honky Tonk Hell is a rockabilly, rock n’ roll, rhythm & blues review of the music and artists that shook the 20th Century and beyond! Hosted by Thee Aaron Irons!

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HTH #131: Solid Sender

1. Everett Pauley And The Swinging Drifters, “Little Girl” 1963-ish

2. The Vi-Kings, “She’s Cool” 1959

3. The Tremolons, “Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On” 1965

4. Peppermint Harris, “My Blues Have Rolled Away” 1950

5. Marty Robbins, “Singing The Blues” 1955

6. Buddy Holly, “Everyday” 1957

7. Billy Mize, Solid Sender 1957

8. The Coasters, Down In Mexico 1957

9. Link Wray & the Wraymen, “Right Turn” 1960

10. The Sunrays, “Love Is A Stranger” 1958

11. Otis White & The Hillrockers, “Shape Up” 1959

12. Lee Jones, “Cool Cool Daddy” 1956 (Flame, OH)

13. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, (She Put the) Wamee (On Me) 1955

14. The Maddox Brothers & Rose, “The Death of Rock And Roll” 1956

15. Elvis Presley, “I’m Counting On You” 1956

16. Bobby Charles, “Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey” 1957

17. Wanda Jackson, “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” 1961

18. Dick Dale& his Deltones, “Mr. Eliminator” 1964

19. Dion, “Kansas City” 1961

20. Bull Moose Jackson, “Nosey Joe” 1952

21. Harold Lee, “Blond Headed Woman” 1959

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