Handful O’ Nickels: The Kernal (7.13.2023)

Joe Garner, The Kernal, a scion of country music tradition who nevertheless defies convention in favor of eclecticism, outlaws himself and his band the New Strangers through sheer sonic will and psychedelic twang. Across a trilogy of progressively stellar efforts beginning with 2013’s fringe Farewellhello, rising with 2017’s superb Light Country, and climaxing with 2022’s Listen To The Blood, The Kernal has nearly created his own sub-genre– perhaps a truer version of country music from a parallel universe where Hank Williams woke up on New Year’s Day in the back of a Lincoln and Gram Parsons never fell asleep. But wherever or whenever he’s from, there’s nothing and no one else quite like The Kernal. 

See The Kernal with special guest Caitlin Rose LIVE at Grant’s Lounge on Saturday, July 15th.