Handful O’ Nickels: Brennen Leigh (7.18.2023)

When it comes to compelling country music, some folks’ll tell you that they don’t make ‘em like they used to, but Brennen Leigh defies all such notions with class. Equally capable of earnest, lived-in songwriting, oak-smoked Western Swing, or 100-proof honky tonk worthy of the dimmest lit roadhouse on a Friday night, Brennen’s been on quite a run since 2020, consistently delivering albums of quality and beauty. Beginning with Prairie Love Letter, an ode to Leigh’s home on the Minnesota, North Dakota border, and continuing with last year’s Texas-toned Obsessed With The West, Brennen’s latest hat trick is a steel-soaked, twang wranglin’ declaration. Ain’t Through Honkin’ Tonkin’ Yet is Leigh in top form, and though rich in vintage vibes, don’t make the mistake of believing she’s reaching back– Brennen Leigh is righteously motivating country and American roots music forward. Are the good times really over for good? Not while Brennen Leigh is still honky tonkin’.

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