Honky Tonk Hell #132 Now Available On Demand

Honky Tonk Hell is a rockabilly, rock n’ roll, rhythm & blues review of the music and artists that shook the 20th Century and beyond! Hosted by Thee Aaron Irons!

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HTH #132: Rock All Night With Me

1. Skeets McDonald, “You Oughta See Grandma Rock” 1956

2. Shorty Frog & His Space Cats, “Sheddin’ Tears Over You” 1958

3. Donna Dee, “Nobody’s Gonna Hurt You” 1962

4. Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks, “Southern Love” 1959

5. Carl Perkins, “Boppin’ The Blues” 1956

6. Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, “In My Dreams” 1957

7. Eddie Cochran, “Somethin’ Else” 1959

8. Larry Collins & Joe Maphis, “T Bone” 1962

9. Dick Tacker, “Rock All Night With Me” 1964

10. Janis Martin, “Drugstore Rock N’ Roll 1956

11. Elvis Presley, “Hound Dog” 1956

12. Steve Carl & The Jags “Stone Cold Mama” 1958-ish

13. Hank Moore & Orchestra Featuring Billy Davis, “Knock Kneed Rooster” 1962

14. Hopeless Homer, “New Way Rockin’” 1957

15. Dub Dickerson, “Mama Laid The Law Down” 1960

16. Alice Ann and the Country Strings, “Crazy Crazy Blues” 1961

17. Eddie Zack And Cousin Richie, “I’m Gonna Roll And Rock” 1955

18. Sanford Clark, “Lonesome For A Letter” 1956

19. Glen Glenn, “Would Ja” 1958

20. Danny and Audrey Harrison, “Rock-A-Billy Boogie” 1958

21. Ronnie Self, “You’re So Right For Me” 1958

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