Local Load-In #6 Now Available On Demand

Local Load-In explores the Central Georgia independent music scene through the artists of yesterday and today! 

Join singer-songwriter Justin Cutway for Local Load-In every Tuesday at 7pm EST on 100.9 The Creek or streaming at thecreekfm.com!

Local Load-In # Playlist

1. Brax Bragg and The Buckleys, “Flag City Town Hall Meeting”

2. West Ridge Circle, “Straightaway”

3. CL33BO, “JBA Cru”

4. Marie Ortiz “Just Call Me Baby”

5. Andy Johnson, “Jar it Up”

6. Collective Sp8ce, “Woes”

7. Goodie Supreme, “Lately”

8. Choir of Babble, “Envois”

9. N3510, “Dead Leaves”

10. Bob and Blender, “Sun and Moon”

11. Mahalo, “Stuck”

12. Shy Company, “Can We Play”

13. Lord D’Andre “Coming In”

14. The Buckleys, “A Minute Of Your Time”

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