Honky Tonk Hell #133 Now Available On Demand

Honky Tonk Hell is a rockabilly, rock n’ roll, rhythm & blues review of the music and artists that shook the 20th Century and beyond! Hosted by Thee Aaron Irons!

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HTH #133: Come In World

1. Ritchie Valens, “Fast Freight” 1959

2. Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two

3. Ronnie Brent, “My Sweet Verlene” 1958

4. Tony and Jackie Lamie With The Swing Kings, “Wore To A Frazzel” 1958

5. Hayden Thompson and His Southern Melody Boys, “I Feel the Blues Coming On” 1955

6. Marty Wilde, “Bad Boy”

7. Elvis Presley, “My Baby Left Me” 1956

8. Joe Griffith And His Teen Age Rebels, “Annabelle Lee” 1958

9. Al Ferrier, “Hey Baby” 1957

10. Don Ellis, “Come In World” 1958

11. Grady Lewis, “I’ve Got A Feelin’” 1962

12. Paul Peek, “Olds-Mo-William” 1958

13. Shewry Stamper And The Virginians, “I’m Leaving” 1962

14. Johnny Strickland, “You’ve Got What It Takes” 1958

15. Gene Summers And His Rebels, “Gotta Lotta That” 1958

16. The Miller Sisters, “There’s No Right Way To Do Me Wrong” 1956

17. Sweetie Jones, “Never” 1958

18. Johnny Dollar, “Heart Appeal” 1957 or ’58

19. Huelyn Duvall, “Comin’ Or Goin’” 1957

20. The Delmore Brothers, “I Let The Freight Train Carry Me On” 1950

21. Charlie Feathers, “That Certain Female” 1974

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