Handful O’ Nickels: Summer Dean (8.17.2023)

You can look, but you won’t find a better cut of the 21st Century Texas singer-songwriter than Summer Dean. As a performer, she harkens back to the all-night, all-around honky tonkers as adept at roadhouse Friday nights as they were at afternoon guitar pulls under an oak tree. Summer’s the kind of writer who spills a little blood whenever she picks up the pen, putting as much of herself into her songs as she thinks we can take– and then adding just a shot or two more to send you straight up– or all the way down. For Handful O’ Nickels, Summer’s chosen selections from her new album The Biggest Life as well as songs from her friends, contemporaries, and heroes– so pull up a barstool and dim the lights!

See Summer Dean LIVE at Grant’s Lounge in Downtown Macon on Saturday, September 2nd.

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