Handful O’ Nickels: Melissa Carper (8.29.2023)

Melissa Carper makes the type of records you can’t get enough of– timeless yet in tune with the moment, evocative of her country music heroes but unquestionably rich in original wit and striking depth. One of a kind (and kind of a wonder), Melissa counts some of Americana’s finest among her best friends and biggest fans, and whether keeping the backbeat on her beloved upright bass, laying down harmonies, or sharing the pen, she’s as in demand in the studio or on the road as sideperson as she is out front of her own band. For this episode of Handful O’ Nickels, Melissa is showcasing some of her favorite collaborators– and I’ve taken the liberty of asking a couple of her pals to share their favorite songs from Carper’s catalog!

See Melissa Carper LIVE at Capricorn Sound Studios & Museum on Wednesday, September 20th.

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