Handful O’ Nickels: Boy Golden (8.31.2023)

Boy Golden’s 2021 groover Church Of Better Daze was a mile-high pile of easy twangin’ goodness and cannabis-friendly philosophy that appealed to the righteous optimist hopefully residing in all of us. Don’t like your job? Build a better one. Don’t care for the current climate? Find a fresher one. Don’t like the person you’ve become? Well, it’s never too late to be who you really want to be. But above all else, the gospel of the Church of Better Daze and its chief prophet is no matter who you are or what you do, make today better than yesterday.

That ideal is warm and inviting on the latest project from Boy Golden, aka Liam Duncan, an EP entitled For Jimmy. Forsaking none of Church’s vibe or gracious intent, the native of Winnipeg, Manitoba shakes up the blend with cultivated strands of autobiography and nostalgia. It’s the next level of Boy Golden, as toe-tappin’ and grin-inducing as its predecessor but with a pleasant weight that moves up in class and heralds a soon-to-be release that’s already in the can. 

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