American Aquarium Headed to Macon’s Capitol Theatre

Heads up, Central Georgia! One of Americana’s fan-favorite bands is loading up the bus and coming to Macon for one night only.

American Aquarium will take the stage at the Capitol Theatre on May 19, 2024 at 8 PM.

With his bandmates Shane Boeker on guitar, Neil Jones on pedal steel, Rhett Huffman on keys; Ryan Van Fleet on drums, and Alden Hedges on bass, frontman BJ Barham will bring his Carolina-tinged sound and swagger to the stage for a night of familiar songs and new ones, too. For those expecting a rowdy night of jamming, be prepared to leave a bit of space for a few stripped down, deeper moments as well, evidence of the lasting musical growth found on their most recent album Chicamacomico.

“When you are young, you want to play everything loud and fast and I think that comes, at least in part, from uncertainty,” Barham told writer David Joy of the new music.

“I hadn’t fully found my voice back in those early days so the louder and faster the songs were the less chance someone could actually hear what I was saying. The more comfortable I got with my ‘voice,’ the more confident I became in my lyrical ability. I’m not afraid of the lyrics sitting way out front anymore because I am confident in the songwriting. The band can still cut loose and take over a song, but they aren’t expected to do all the heavy lifting these days.”

Whether you’re in it for the fun or the feels, the boys of American Aquarium always deliver, making this a show you will not want to miss. Tickets are now available HERE.