Futurebirds Plans to Land at Macon’s Capitol Theatre

Birdfam, mark your calendars for August 29th...

What do you get when you bring one of the best-kept secrets of Athens, Georgia’s music scene to the heart of Macon, Georgia’s historic and booming music scene? A rocking night to remember, that’s for sure.

Which is no doubt what Futurebirds will bring when they take the stage at Macon’s historic Capitol Theatre on August 29, 2024 at 8 PM.

Best of all, they’re bringing songs from a forthcoming brand new album titled Easy Company with them.

“I’m movin’ on,” Daniel Womack sings during the first minute of the record, a project that finds the tenured band, now a beloved act on a national scale, back in the driver’s seat, speeding together toward some new horizon.

“We’ve never thought of ourselves as one particular kind of band,” says Womack. “That’s important for longevity, because we’re always recreating ourselves and finding ourselves all over again. I don’t think we’re done with that process. We’re always ready for more.”

Momentum. Evolution. Expansion. Those are important traits for a critically-acclaimed group that recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary. “When you’ve been a band for as long as we have, there’s a lot of moving on,” says Thomas Johnson. “We just keep going, because that’s how you keep things fresh. That’s how you keep the spark.” By matching the sharply-written songs of three distinct frontmen with a progressive mix of rock & roll, electrified folk, and cosmic American roots music, Futurebirds have built an audience that’s as wide as the band’s own sound. With Easy Company, Futurebirds’ fifth studio album, that sound reaches a new peak.

Futurebirds’ official music video for “Up and Out”

For Futurebirds, the road goes on forever. Easy Company is the latest stop on a journey that’s still unfolding, winding its own path through American rock & roll, giving Futurebirds and the grassroots community they’ve created — the Birdfam — a new place to land.

And for us come August, that place will be in our backyard… don’t miss it!

Tickets on sale Friday, June 14 at 10AM online through See Tickets or in person at the Rookery during business hours. Tickets start at $22 plus applicable taxes and fees.