LISTEN: Emily Rose Playlist Takeover on 100.9 The Creek (6.8.2023)

In his review for Emily Rose and the Rounders’ 2022 self-titled debut, Charlie Farmer wrote, “Rose and the band favor radical realism where there are no right choices, no heroes, just an accumulation of what-ifs and apologies. You might call this brand of heartbreak mature, but that implies peace of mind, and this record is haunted.” Haunted indeed. Emily Rose and the Rounders emanate from club corners where the neon can’t quite penetrate the shadows, reverberating with a rattlesnake’s intent and making heartache feel like a blue badge of courage. The Los Angeles-based outfit brews 21st Century country music from melancholy and mist, gliding on twang and pedal steel as the band’s namesake, Emily Rose Epstein croons and laments from the dark side of the honky tonk.